How It Works

We want to pack as much functions as we can into Planeket, yet remain portable and packable. There are 7 ways to use Planeket Orginal.



Save on your precious carry-on bag space, clip the Planeket on to your backpack or purse.



 Save your luggage space, keep your hand free, and it won't fall off!


The cover is made with waterproof vegan leather, you can clean your spills or sanitize it anytime.


Prop your phone up to have your own movie night. This function can be used with or without blanket inside the cover, so you can stay cozy and enjoy your show.


Hidden pocket for your emergency cash or business cards for those in-flight chitchats.


Use it as a pillow. Stay tuned for our Planeket pillow insert coming soon! You will be able to use it as a pillow and a blanket at the same time! Subscribe

It is a blanket after all. We added five loops along the edge and a S shaped carabiner so you can adjust to you shoulder width to prevent slipping. Subscribe as we are introducing a Planeket Mini soon for your little ones. 


We also tested dozens of carabiners and zippers to find the right ones. 

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