Our Story

The Planeket was created by a team that knows just how important comfort and innovation can be to frequent travelers. We knew it could be more than “just a blanket,” it could be a tool. From our home base in Anchorage, Alaska, travel is not always for pleasure, but a necessity, so finding comfort in an often uncomfortable position is important.

In this age of carry-on luggage restrictions and hygiene protocols, finding a way to check all the boxes for comfortable travel is important to us. Planeket was designed with space-saving, multi-function elements in mind. As professionals in Alaska’s tourism industry, we also wanted to celebrate the cultural textures that make our state beautiful. Every Planeket is modeled with a color scheme representing the Last Frontier, and, as this short video (coming soon) explains, we take this commitment very seriously. 

The Planeket team is also serious about putting Alaskans to work, hiring local mothers who wished to return to the workforce to sew, assemble, and test each product directly off the line. Planeket partners with a local coffee roaster Cafe D'Arte to offer product pick-up at our Anchorage warehouse in exchange for coffee cards for future use at the business.

Finally, Planeket is committed to zero waste in packaging, with 100% recyclable and no-plastic shipping materials as our promise.

Not just a blanket: Planeket is a travel companion, made with love, from Alaska.

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